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Croft Electric Ltd provides a wide range of electrical services for residential property, from extra sockets and lighting, right through to a complete re-wire. All domestic work is Part P certified, which means is it carried out to the latest building regulations (Part P covers electrical safety in dwellings), and all work is professionally tested according to the latest wiring regulations.

A few example prices are included, but please note that these are just sample prices, and are subject to the amount of work involved.

Sockets and LightingCutters

We can cover everything, from a simple conversion of a single socket to a double outlet, changing light fittings, or additional sockets or lights in places like the kitchen or bedroom, to new wiring for outlets in an extension or outbuilding.

As a rough guide, a single to double socket conversion will cost around £50, and an extra double socket installation from £70. Replacing a ceiling light will cost around £50. New sockets & lights for a conservatory from £190.

Note that all new sockets must now be RCD-protected. If you do not have a modern consumer unit incorporating RCD protection, one option is to fit a socket with a built-in RCD.

Consumer Unit Replacement

We offer a full replacement service for all types of fuse boxes and older consumer units. This includes advice on the best type of consumer unit for your property, and safety earth bonding to the latest IEE Wiring Regulations.

Modern consumer unitThe wiring regulations now call for RCD protection on virtually all circuits in domestic properties, and the latest consumer units have individual RCD protection for each circuit using RCBOs. An RCBO is a combined circuit breaker (MCB) and RCD in one module.

Using RCBOs for each circuit means one circuit tripping will not affect other circuits, and makes for a much more resilient installation. In the event of a problem causing an RCBO to trip, it will also be immediately obvious which circuit is at fault.

Latest regulations also call for surge protection, which is now included as standard.

An all-RCBO consumer unit installation in a 3-bedroom house plus full testing of all the circuits will typically cost around £500, depending on the number of circuits.

House Rewiring

We offer a full rewiring service for all types of residential properties, ranging from replacement of a single damaged or perished cable right through to a complete re-wire.

Costs depend a lot on the type and number of fittings to be installed, for example adding a lot of downlighters will add substantially to the price. Other factors include whether the property is empty at the time, and whether it is part of a larger refurbishment job including replastering and decorating. A 3-bedroom house full rewire will cost from £2500, including inspection and testing.

Security Lighting

We can fit outdoor security lighting to illuminate dark and shadowy areas around your home. These lights are typically triggered by infra-red or movement during the hours of darkness, and help reduce the risk of burglary. Installation of an outside security light will cost from £70.

External Sockets and Lights

From outdoor sockets, power in a shed, or power for a water feature, to outdoor LED lighting – we can install all of these.

Fire Detection

We can install mains-powered domestic fire alarms meeting the latest building regulations – for a standard house, the minimum now is an inlinked detector/alarm on each floor. In an existing building, wireless interlinking is often the most economical option.

Other Wiring

We can also install wiring for other services – such as TV, audio, telephone and home networking. This might be just a new TV socket in another room, or adding or moving a phone point.

Inspection and Testing

All our electrical work is inspected and tested according to the latest regulations, but we also carry out inspection and testing of existing installations (also known as a periodic inspection). This is recommended be done at least every 10 years for a domestic property, but may also be needed when buying, selling or letting a house. See the Testing and Inspection page for more information.